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Show Date: November 13th—November 17th,2014

Show Venue: China International Exhibition Center

(No.6,North 3rd Ring Road East, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China )

Show area: 60000㎡



The Flourishing Chinese Jewelry Industry





With China’s rapid economic growth, it has become one of the most fast-growing countries in the world. The total increase of the luxury consumption of China is ranked among the top of the world in the context of global financial crisis. Overall, China’s jewelry market in 2013 is better than the year of 2012. According to the data from The State Statistics Bureau, the total sale of gold and silver jewelry in 2013 was RMB 295.9 billion, which has increased by 25.8% comparing to the result of 2012.  According to the analysis of 3000 major retailers given by the Commerce Department, the total sale of gold and silver jewelry rose by 22.3%.

In 2013, total gold consumption of China was more than 1200 tons, which grew more than 20% comparing with 2012. The consumption of gold jewelry, bullion and gold coins was more than 700 tons, more than 370 tons and less than 30 tons respectively. The total sale of gold was more than RMB 360 billion, accounting for nearly 80% of China's total retail sale of jewelry. The consumption of platinum jewelry was about 50 tons and the demand of silver jewelry and vessels was about 1500 tons.

In 2013, the trading volume of diamonds in Shanghai Diamond Exchange reached to USD 4.327 billion. The amount of finished diamond by importing trade was USD 1.705 billion, which increased by 7.8% .The total sale of diamond in the consumer market was about RMB 30 billion.

In 2013, the annual output of Chinese Pearl was about 800 tons, accounting for more than 90% of the global output. The domestic market sales reached around RMB 7 billion. It also showed a good indication that the quality and price of the Chinese Pearl increased while the output decreased. Although the colored gemstones market showed less growth comparing with 2012, it is generally expected to have prosperous future. The fashion jewelry industry accelerates the the development of the new environment-friendly products, and improves the expansion of domestic market. Some new types of gemstones, such as Nanhong Agate and Russian Jasper are getting more popular due to their high quality and affordable price.


Varieties of Exhibits




Gems: Diamond, Jade, Ruby and Sapphire Aquamarine, Emerald, Amber, Coral, Tourmaline and Opal.

Jewelry: Pearl Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, K-Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Jade Jewelry.

Others: Watches and Clocks, Precious Metal Items, Gemological Minerals, Jewelry Tools and Facilities, Packages, Props, Jewelry Testing Machinery and Measuring Instrument, Organizations and Media.


Large-scale, various brands


This exhibition is the largest and highest-class show in Mainland China with the total exhibition area of 60,000 square meters. It attracts many top Chinese jewelry companies to participate, including Caibai, Laofengxiang, Colorful Yunnan, ChowTaiSeng, AiDeKang, Mingr, Xingguangda Jewellery, BaoYi, Y&M, TongHui, XianLu, SaiFeiErk, Diamond Charm, HuaChang, Yidalong, RuanShi, Zhaojinyinlou, Jianxingli , ZhaoYi, Lingyun,Yunyuxuan and Qiumei, etc.


Special Areas, Characteristic Collection


天工奖评选经过十多年的摸索实践,已经被业内和社会广泛的接受和认可,成为玉雕行业的一个年度盛会、展示窗口、交流平台;成为雕刻技艺、风格、题材的一个风向标。对引导市场和培育收藏都发挥着作用。本年度将有九个地区与中宝协联合组织天工奖的初评工作,也将有更多的新材料和新人在展区亮相,让我们共同期待2014 天工奖展区。

1、 After more than 10 years of practice and improvement, Tian Gong Award has been widely recognized by the industry and the community. It has become an annual gala of the jade carving industry, in order to showcase the trend and the progress in terms of the carving skills, styles and themes and to provide a great communication platform for the industry. Furthermore, Tian Gong Award has major influence on the market trend and the training of the collectors. There will be 9 regions co-organizing with GAC for the preliminary selection of the award this year. Let us look forward to more exciting new materials and artists in the Tian Gong Award exhibition section, 2014.


2、“2014 Fine Jewellery by Independent Jewellery Designers Group Exhibition” will has its first present at the China International Jewellery Fair. In recent years, the rise and shine of the independent jewellery designers has attracted many attentions. They are the most creative groups in China’s jewellery industry nowadays, with unique personalities and thoughts. They combine art and business perfectly and never stop challenging and improving themselves. As the need of the fine jewellery, customization jewellery and specialized jewellery increases, independent jewellery designers are starting to outstand themselves by providing detailed service and artistic expression. Led by the masters of the Chinese Jewellery designers, a group of independent jewellery designers will bring more personalized and diversified jewellery pieces to fulfill any of your requirement. The winning pieces from the 2014 China Gold Inlaid with Jade Creative Design Competition will also be displayed at the Fair.  


3、More than 30 jewellery enterprises will participate in the China International Jewellery Fair, which were carefully selected by Shenzhen Shuibei jewelry trade center , Jinli jewelry trade center and Guangzhou Hualin pavilion, to demonstrate their comprehensive strength in jewellery design and processing.

Other professional markets including Beijing International Jewelry Trade Center Pavilion, Tianya Pavilion,Panjiayuan Pavilion and Panjiayuan Pavilion will bring the most cost-effective fine jewellery pieces to the Fair to provide abundant choices for the buyers.



4、Panyu jewelry industry base is an international processing center of Jewellery. Many relative companies have been organized as the Panyu Group Exhibition will take part in the fair. Aiming at expanding domestic market, they will bring various fine jewelry with international elements to the fair. Meanwhile, the Yunnan Pavilion, Huanglong Jade Pavilion, Xinjiang Pavilion, Sanlian Crystal Pavilion, Donghai Crystal Pavilion, Pingzhou Jade Pavilion etc. will also participate in the fair.


International Pavilions, world trend


Organized by Taiwan P&E jewelry Culture Express, Taiwan Pavilion is coming to the Fair again. More than 160 companies were carefully selected and will be presented in more than 220 stands, allocating at both 2nd floor of Hall 1and Hall 8. The jadeite and coral jewelry from Taiwan are beloved by the consumers because of their unique design and craftsmanship.


2、The Jewellery in Thailand and Sri Lanka are famous for their colored stones and mosaic products in the international market. This time, they will enlarge the show space, and show the charm of their rubies and sapphires. In the meantime, ICA will also present in the fair to exhibit all kinds of rare color gemstones.


3、"Australian Pavilion" organized by the Business SA will has its present in the Fair again. Self-organized Australian jewelers will also exhibit on the 2nd floor of Hall 2, aiming at Opal promotion and to bring Opal to the exhibition directly from their origin places. You will appreciate the charms of colorful opal; it will be another highlight in the exhibition.

4、此次还开辟了 “宝石矿物晶体展区”,汇聚来自美国、德国、法国等全球一流的宝石矿区企业,以及国内贵州、郴州、成都等矿产资源丰富的基地参展。他们将带来碧玺、海蓝宝石、自然金、萤石、菱锰矿等自然宝石矿物晶体,相信将带给您不一样的视觉感受。

4. Mineral crystal Pavilion will display the exhibits from world class gemstone mining enterprises including America, Germany and France, etc.  Exhibits from national mining characteristics bases such as Guizhou, Chenzhou and Chengdu will also be showed in this Pavilion. Special visual perceptions will be brought by all these natural gem mineral crystals including Tourmaline, Sapphire Aquamarine, Natural gold, Fluorite, Rhodochrosite.


5、Koeran Pavilion will showcase their fine designer jewellery at the exhibition to promote and strengthen the international jewellery industry communication.


At the same time, jewelry enterprises from France, Germany, Belgium, America, Italy, Israel,  Japan, Singapore, India, Nepal, Brazil,Poland and other countries and regions will bring all kinds of gem material and design products.



In order to build a platform of communication and cooperation, the exhibition will also hold a variety of seminars and forums, including jadeite, diamonds, colored gemstones, jewelry design, and jewelry culture. We invite you to share the special resources.


Media promotion


By working closely with more than 120 media from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, US, France, UK, Iran, Russia and Thailand, etc., we will promote and report the entire Fair thoroughly and profoundly through various advertisements, interviews and special topics. The promotion will be done 2 months earlier than the Fair by, for example, putting advertisements on internet, and in subways to warm-up. More advertisements will be delivered through radios, newspapers when the opening of the Fair is close. Furthermore, TV programs, advertisements on TV and live reports from the Fair will also be produced through cooperating with BJTV.


Free testing, Protect consumer's right


National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC), which is the most authoritative gems and jewelry testing center in China, is appointed as official testing organization during the fair to provide the free testing, appraisal for buyers to protect their rights.



Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China

National Gems & Jewelry Technology Administrative Centre


Beijing Zhi Xin Jia Yi Jewellery Cultural Development Co., Ltd.


P & P Jewelry Culture Express

Neway International Trade Fairs Ltd.

Beijing San Arts Exports & Imports Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Gold Exchange

Shanghai Diamond Exchange



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