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Jewelry Shanghai

Jewelry Shanghai 2016 will be held in Shanghai


Jewelry Shanghai 2016 will open on May 5-9, 2016 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition &Convention Center, Shanghai of P. R. China. The exhibition is jointly organized by several authoritative organizations such as Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China, National Gems & JewelryTechnology Administrative Centre, Shanghai Gold Exchange, Shanghai Diamond Exchange, Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Association, Shanghai Gold & Jewelry Association, and Shanghai Gem and Jade Trade Association. The total exhibition space is 42,000 square meters and more than 2100 booths. There are more than 1000 enterprises exhibitors coming from 22 countries and regions. The products display on exhibition including: diamond, jade, colored gems, gold, K gold, platinum, silver jewelry, watches, precious metals and mineral stones, all kinds of associations and professional social media, etc., This is the largest industry event in east China.
I. Jewelry brands gather together
Famous jewelry brands at home and abroad will gather here, such as the Old Phoenix, LaomiaoGold, YayiJewelry, HuachangJewelry, Kimberley Diamond, Zhang Tie-junJadeite, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Tai Seng, RuansPearl, BoeeJewelry and so on. The exhibition builds a one-stop platform for you to understand the future trends of gold jewelry, choose franchising, and make wholesale orders.
II. The distinctive galleries
a. GAC Amber Pavilion
"GAC Amber Pavilion" gathers the world first-class amber wholesale, processing enterprises and famous amber retail brand.The exhibiting enterprises include world alliance of amber, the amber association of Tengchong, Jiale amber, Fubin amber, Shengji amber, etc., which provide the primary source and quality service for you with diversified product selection and high quality products.
b. Designers Pavilion
This exhibition sets up the special area for jewelry designers, which gathers domestic excellent independent jewelry designers and jewelry artists to show the strength of original Chinese jewelry designs and unique designers works. Exhibition aims to promote the deeper integration between the cultural creativity, design servicesand jewelry industry. Jewelry Shanghai 2016 will provide the most anticipated platform for excellent designers with the most powerful propaganda and most extensive influence.
c. "Traditional Jewelry andArt Pavilion
Chinese traditional jewelry manufacturing process is craftsmen’s the wisdom crystal for thousands of years, and is an important part of the excellent traditional culture. Itlaid a solid foundation for the development of contemporary China's jewelry processing technology. In order to promote the traditional Chinese jewelry art market development and provide platform the for traditional jewelry art to display and propaganda, GAC “China Traditional Jewelry Art Committee” decided to set up" traditional jewelry art area during the Jewelry Shanghai 2016 and display the typical Chinese traditional jewelry art. Visitors can fully understand the superb technology and future development trend of traditional jewelry art.
d. Gem Mineral Stones Pavilion
Gemstones are the valuable mineral resources that nature gives human. The International Stones and Fossil Pavilion will present natural and rarity mineral stones. All kind of rare and valuable natural gold, gemstones (such as emerald, tourmaline, sea sapphire, Tanzania stone, etc.) and mineral stone clusters with strange shapes and beautiful colors. These unique and gorgeous minerals must make the visitors unwilling to leave.
e. Taiwan Pavilion
"Taiwan Pavilion" will show in Jewelry Shanghai. The designers’ works of Taiwan always catches social medias’ attention. This time Taiwan pavilion is consists of 176 booths providing jade and coral jewelry.
f. Diamond Pavilion
"Diamond Pavilion" is the only one pavilion of diamond in Mainland China jewelry exhibition. It is organized by Shanghai Diamond Exchange collecting the representative member companies. Many of them accounted for an important place in the world diamond trade.
g. Color Gems Pavilion
“Color gems Pavilion” organized by ICA, Sri Lanka Pavilion, Thailand Pavilion, Australia opal Pavilion, Shuibei Pavilions and the domestic and foreign business is the eye-catching scenery in the exhibition this year.
In addition, opal as the attractive investment attach much interestin the market, organizer gather the Australian opal miners, wholesale, retail together as the largest Opal Pavilion. Theseopal suppliers will bring consumers a colorful feastwith the opal in the best quality.
h. College Pavilion
Last year, College Pavilion received ecstatic reviews in Jewelry Shanghai and China International Jewellery Fair (Beijing). Hence College pavilion will appear again, and become a beautiful show of jewelry exhibition. The unique and novel designs of excellent teachers and students are deeply refreshing.A lot of authoritative jewelry training information will be presented.
In addition, Korean Pavilion, Huanglong Jade Association, Suzhou Pearl Pavilion, Shuibei Pavilion, Jinli Pavilion, Pauline Pavilion, Panyu Pavilion, Wanshan Jewelry Pavilion, Pavilion of Shanghai, Yunnan Pavilion, Wei Tang Pavilion, Pavilion of Buddhist Culture, The Four Famous Stone Pavilion, Pavilion of Shanghai Jade Carving Master, Chinese Jade Carving Master Creative Park, Pingzhou Jade will also gather in Shanghai.
III. Authoritative organizations and top service
During the exhibition, the organizer will invite industry experts to give feature seminars and wonderful extension activities. For more details, please visit the official website of the GAC.
In order to protect the interests of consumers, the organizerinvites the most authoritative jewelry appraisal institutions –NGTC to give the free appraisal, consulting services on-site.

Exhibition Name: Jewelry Shanghai 2016
Exhibition time: May 5-9, 2016 (Thursday to Monday)
Address: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition (No. 1099Exhibition Road,PudongDistrict, Shanghai)
Exhibition space: 42000 square meters, booth number: 2100

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