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Specialized Branches

GAC Specialized Branches


Jade branch
The main duty of the Jade Branch is to promote Jade culture, cultivate jade carving professionals and improve the development of the Jade-carving industry.

Pearl Branch
The main duty of the Pearl Brunch is to scientifically initiate the pearl culture, improve pearl quality, propagate Chinese Pearl and establish high quality Chinese Pearl brands.

Colored Stone Branch
The main duty of the Colored Stone Branch is to serve the related enterprises, regulate the industry; promote the continuous progress of this industry.

Diamond Branch
The main duty of the Diamond Branch is to promote the healthy development of process and inlay techniques of diamonds, as well as to increase the influence and the market share of the Chinese Diamond enterprises.

Fashion Jewelry Branch
The main duty of the Fashion Jewelry Branch is to promote domestic fashion jewelry industry, help brand-building and developing overseas market.

Jewelry Designer Committee
The main duty of the Jewelry Designer Committee is to organize events, exhibitions, training and competitions for domestic jewelry designers in order to advance Jewelry design techniques.

Synthetic Gemstone Committee
The main duty of the Synthetic Gemstone Committee is to solve the technical difficulties, popularize the knowledge and improve the implementation of the synthetic gemstones.

Academic Education Committee
The main duty of the Academic Education Committee is to cooperate with educational organizations of jewelry, provide jewelry education suitable for the enterprise and industry and promote innovations for the industry. It also devotes itself to the training and the qualification of the GAC jewelry qualification certificates.

Jewelry Testing and Assessment Committee
The main duty of the Jewelry Testing and Assessment Committee is to investigate the methods, criteria and techniques of the Jewelry identification and improve the healthy development of the Chinese Jewelry market.

Seal Stone Committee
The main duty of the Seal Stone Committee is to inherit traditional culture of the Seal Stone, bring forth the fresh elements by organizing academic and technique communications, and improve the trade of Seal Stones.



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